Set up

  • For your first round, remove the King’sCrown and Fool’s Hat cards from the deck. Place them aside.
  • Shuffle the deck and deal all players 5 cards. Place the remaining deck facedown at the centre of your playing surface; this is the draw deck for all players.
  • If there are players with the Fool’s Hat and King’s Crown cards (awarded from a previous round) resolve their action text.
  • The player with the King’s Crown takes the first turn. If no player has the King’s Crown, the shortest player takes the first turn in honour of their dwarven heritage.


Does the effect on the Kings Crown card rewarding the player that won the last round skew the game towards them winning again? 

In short no. While receiving the Fool players highest influence card is a small advantage we found that the outcome of a game depends on other factors. You will see the Fool become the King and the King become the Fool more than a few times as you play Kingless.

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